News: Gwen Stefani Looks to Start her own Cosmetics Line

A patent filing has shown that Gwen Stefani is looking to break into the cosmetics industry with her own line.

While the No Doubt star is no stranger to makeup collabs – having worked with Urban Decay and NBI – this move marks her first solo attempt at breaking into the industry.

Filing trademarks for a plethora of beauty products, including eyeliner, nail polish and eyeshadow, the Hollaback Girl singer is looking to call her new business venture P8NT.

She’s not short on ambition, either: one part of the patent outlines protection for her right to open high street stores.

Whatever comes of her patents, we have NO DOUBT (subtle enough?) Gwen will smash whatever she takes on!

Outfit Ideas from Friends

Friends spanned a decade of one of the most tumultuous, crazy eras for fashion. Movies like The Matrix and Blade ensured there was no shortage of leather while the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls took outfit expression to the next level.

Thankfully, there was one show that kept abreast of the outlandish vagaries of 90s fashion. Friends featured everybody’s favourite group of 20-somethings as they navigated the breezy world of 90s America; from Ross’s infamous leather pants to Rachel’s odyssey of denim, here are our top picks for outfits from Friends.

Pretty Paisley

90s and paisley go hand in hand like… well, 60s and paisley we suppose. But the paisley reprisal in this instance was absolutely fabulous, with an intricate print and pastely pink duo that absolutely killed it. Monica’s feet here are, unfortunately, out of frame; but we’d totally pair this with some delicate, yellow barely-there heels.

Block Colour Goodness

Big, bold colours are trending in a big way at the moment, with the ss18 trend promising to simplify outfit anxiety and keep you looking fab.

Serious but Sexy

Rachel’s constant is sophistication. She never really shakes off that ‘I’ve come from money’ vibe in the show (being the daughter of a wealthy doctor), and so many of her outfits reflect that. Here she’s rocking a super-simple black shirt and pony, but the details really set the look off. Smokey eyes and subtle accessories elevate the aesthetic from smart-looking waiter to fashion aficionado – there’s a lesson to be learned from Rachel about finishing off a look.

Boho Vibes

Pheobe was never was never one for conformty – her boho outfits defy trend and decade. Ultimately tho, her outfits have endured perhaps better than anyone else’s on the show. That’s why a lesson can be learned from pheobe: sometimes it really pays to ignore what’s on trend and be yourself!

Looks That Slayed the Oscars

All the glorious pretention and opulence of the Oscars was back this year; the only place where smug 1%ers pat themselves on the back for films about ‘social justice’ while rocking up in £1000 dresses. Still, they do look pretty! Here is our pick for the best dressed this year!


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jen Lowery/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock (9448584hz)
Jennifer Lawrence
90th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals Los Angeles USA 04 Mar 2018

Jennifer Lawrence gets a lot of flak these days; but one thing people will find hard to fault is this fleek-as-f*** outfit. Beach-blown hair and smokey eyes compliment an unmissable sequin-stunner-figure-hugger. Her latest film might not have won much, but her killer look is a winner in our eyes!


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jen Lowery/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock (9448584kw)
Emma Stone
90th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals Los Angeles USA 04 Mar 2018

Emma Stone switched it up this year with a gorgeous suit. Sexy & with a statement, the low cut blazer, power shoulders, satin finish and discordant ribbon make for a standout outfit that matched any extravagant dress.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jen Lowery/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock (9448584mx)
Margot Robbie
90th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals Los Angeles USA 04 Mar 2018

Margot Robbie came over all angelic with her virgin whiter than white bardot stunner. With enchanting crystalline clutch, she looked like she could’ve walked right off the set of a Disney movie!

Best Netflix Shows to watch 2018

Let us hit you with a real first world problem: Netflix has pumped out so many incredible shows in 2018 – covering so many genres while breaking so much ground – that we’re now too spoiled for choice.

With hits such as Glow and Girlboss, Netflix is a surefire Diva paradise.

That’s why we’re collating our favorite Netflix shows slaying it RN so you don’t have to face that dreaded selection anxiety!

1. Everything Sucks

There will never be a shortage of love for the 90s. The evergreen decade consistently influences our fashion, music and TV, all while tugging at our nostalgia for simpler days.

Enter: Everything Sucks. An unabashed, saccharine love letter that crams as much 90s into 30 minutes than we previously thought physically possible. Double denim, sluggish dial-up and the backstreet boys; we’re talking the whole 9 yards of unfiltered, fantastic 90s goodness.

The show follows the trials of the Boring, Oregan AV club, as they navigate the treacherous perils of high-school (which is difficult no matter what the decade). Crushes, friendship, heartbreak, and comedy: it’s all here and all through the filter of the pre-millennium!

2. The End of the F***ing World

Everyone loves a good road trip; long quiet miles of contemplation mottled with moments of touching friendship – the opportunity to find yourself. But that’s been done before, right? What if, on your two-man road trip, one of the travelers was a sociopath who constantly fantasized about killing the other?

Well, that’s The End of the F***ing world in a nutshell – and if the core concept doesn’t grab you, the quirky charm of the show and characters certainly will.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend takes everything awesome about contemporary and classic TV – musicals, comedy, parody, and style – and mashes them into one of the most hysterical, on-point shows airing anywhere right now.

Exploring the difficulties of Borderline Personality Disorder – both from the perspective of the sufferer and those around them – the show manages to tow the line between genuine representation and sensitivity and outrageous comedy and parody. Equal measures of controversy and humanity, this rollercoaster of a show really is a wild ride – we couldnt reccomend it enough!

Fab Feb: 2018 is on a roll, and so are we!

As we settle into the groove of 2018, things are looking decidedly Diva. Our clothing is getting better and better, our website is getting a whole new look and our customer base grows larger every day.

So to celebrate our love for all things Diva (and because it so happens Valentines Day is just around the corner) we’re offering up a whole bunch of deals for our loyal customers! Check out our offers below, and keep on being the delicious, dastardly diva that you are :).

Selfie Guide: How to Take the Best Selfie

Taking the best selfie can be a difficult task. There’s fierce competition out there, with masters of their craft honing in on the ideal lighting and the most flattering angles to up their selfie game.

We, too, have picked up a tip or two along the way; that’s why we’re imparting our modest selfie knowhow to spread the love and to get all the divas around the world looking fabulous.

Go Into the Light

Starting with the basics here: lighting is critical for the perfect selfie. An even, soft light from above your face is far better than from below – those tricky shadows can make or break that perfect shot.

Of course, if you’re really trying to max out your selfie cred, nothing beats perfectly even lighting right across your face such as can be obtained my big flash umbrellas. Eliminating shadows altogether ensures nothing is unflatteringly exentuated!

Get the Right Angle

The natural taper of your face is best seen from above. Angle your photos so they’re above eye-level if you can, looking up into the camera. This is the best angle for most people!

Dressing for Cold Weather: Beat the Chill this January

Wow, it’s cold. It’s like – ‘typing at 10 WPM with frozen hands’, cold. That’s why we’re collating the snuggliest, coziest and toastiest outerwear you could ever need (even if it takes us a long-ass time with our frozen hands!)

Accurate representation of blogging in this weather.

Fur Cape

Not a traditional choice, we know, but who said sticking to tradition was any fun? This ludicrously stylish freeing fur cape packs a slick, stylish punch – sporting an eye-catching design that’ll leave everybody else in the cold.

Fur Lined Parka

Can’t keep a good parka down. The inimitable, indelible classic wins out season after season, and will this season once more. With gold contrast metal detailing and a sweet AF fur hood, you can make sure you’ve nailed the parka for 2018!

Longline Duster

Some divas are punky, some divas are scrappy, but this coat – this is for the sophisticated diva. Longlines and classic patterns never fail, and this stunner is a testament to the power of class.

Buying Christmas Presents for the Boyfriend

Buying the perfect gift for the perfect boyfriend (you wish) can be a daunting task. The forced smiles and feigned surprises of Christmases-past conspire to unravel you as you navigate pages and pages of tat on Amazon. You just have no idea what Christmas present to buy!

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve disappointed enough boos on Xmas to know what’s what, so you can head our advice instead of living through it! Here are some tips for buying that beau of a present for boo.

1. Don’t Overcomplicate Gifts

We’ve been guilty of this one. You find a complete bargain, a once-in-a-lifetime thrifty catch that’ll make your boyf’s gift to you look like a sack of damn coal. The big day arrives; the sound of a tense, long rip of wrapping paper is offset by a chorus of Mariah Carey and glittering lights of the tree. It’s perfect… Only, it isn’t.

In your excitement for sniffing out a bargain, you’ve gone and overcomplicated things. He’s opening some weird coupon he has to cash in online, within 54 minutes, while inputting the code “ho-ho-ho”. He has to buy it himself so that it’s in his name, but it’s alright because you’ll give him the money back.

But it all leads to a perfunctory, disappointing climax in which the impact of your gift gets lost amongst the confusion. Do yourself a favour – keep it simple!

2. Keep it personal

It’s important to remember that gifts represent your relationship to the giftee – grandiose, generic presents are all well and good, but most people can’t resist the personal touch. Be it an inside joke, a reminder of memories or a shared love, a truly lovely relationship thrives on sentiment and a saccharine, soppy gift won’t steer you wrong.